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Protect Your Loved Ones 

Get the peace of mind that comes from complete estate planning.  Having the proper documents in place ensures that your wishes will be known and brings confidence that your assets will be transferred to your children and heirs with as minimal complications as possible. 


Whether you need a will or a trust and whether you have no planning documents or just need to update what you already have, we can help.  We offer free consultations and simple, flat-fee pricing.  Getting it all completed may be easier than you think.  Call now or email us to set up a free consultation.  

Will Benefits:

  • Choose the Guardians for your minor children

  • Decide how your assets will be divided to your heirs

  • Select the person to handle your affairs after your death

Trust Benefits:

  • Avoid the court Probate process 

  • Pass assets to heirs with minimal complications

  • Delay distributions to minor children

  • Maintain privacy as a Trust is not filed with a court

"It gives you the peace of mind." - Carol Stepan

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