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A will or a trust?  What kind of trust?  From simple to complex, we can help you find the right estate plan for you.  Call for a free consultation where we can discuss all of your options and help you through some of the most important decisions you may ever make.

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What do you do with the will after your loved one's death?  What if there was no will?  What if another heir is refusing to give you a copy of the will?  Probate is the court process to settle a deceased person's estate.  Whether you have a disputed or undisputed probate matter, we can help.  From small estates to large, from open to close, we can represent you every step of the way. 

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People who are incapacitated by age, illness, or disability sometimes need special protection.  A guardian is a person appointed by a court to make decisions about the care of another person.  They provide for the care, comfort, and maintenance of that person. 

For adults who are incapacitated and unable to handle their financial affairs, there is a court process that will allow an interested party (usually a family member) to be appointed as their "Conservator."  The Conservator has the legal right to manage and control the finances of the incapacitated person.

Click HERE for more information about Guardianship & Conservatorship.

A properly drafted power of attorney can help your family and loved ones from having to go to court to manage your financial affairs if you ever become incompetent or incapacitated.  There are different kinds of powers of attorney including: financial powers of attorney and health care powers of attorney.  Let us guide you through the process of selecting the right one for your needs. 

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