Involved in a Will dispute?

Did your parent or loved one pass away and you have no idea what was in their will?  Do you need help getting a copy of the will?  Are you concerned that a sibling or a step-parent is taking all of the assets in the estate of your loved one that they are not entitled to?  We can help. Whether it is just getting a copy of your loved one's estate planning documents, or representing your interests in a dispute to make sure that someone else does not take away the inheritance that you are legally entitled to, we can make sure your interests are protected.  


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Need help through the court process after your loved one dies?

Whether there is a dispute or not, the court process that is involved in transferring property after a loved one dies can be complicated.  We can help to make this process efficient and easy, without costing a lot of money.


We offer free consultations.  Call 801-810-4893, or email your question to and we will help you resolve your concern. 

Mom and dad left everything in a trust and put me in charge. Now what do I do? 

What are the legal responsibilities of the trustee of the trust after the death of the person who set up the trust?  Even where people had a complete estate plan, sometimes questions arise about how to handle the process of distributing the estate.  Often, a one-hour consultation can answer most of these questions and is well worth the cost. We offer a one-hour consultation on the duties and responsibilities of a successor trustee, with specific guidance for your situation, for a flat fee of $265.  Call today to set one up. 

What if mom or dad had a trust, but never put their home into the trust?

We can record documents to transfer the home or other property into the trust so that it can be distributed according to their estate plan.

What if mom or dad had no will, trust, or any estate planning documents?

If a person dies without any estate planning documents, we can help you get their property transferred to the legal heirs of the estate, and we can help you to minimize the time and expense.  In order to transfer property and cut off any claims against an estate by potential creditors, his or her heirs are usually required to go through a court process called probate.

Probate is currently required for all estates in value over $100,000, or where the estate owns any real estate. Most estates easily exceed that amount if the individual owned a house. This process is required whether or not a person died with a will, unless they had already transferred their property into a trust during their lifetime.  


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Other Probate Questions? 

If you have any other Probate questions, check out our Probate F.A.Q.'s page here. 

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